VeeJette Karen Cox

Karen Cox walked into VJTV with a friend in September 2006 and has been there since. In addition to being an on-air personality, Ms. Cox has interviewed legendary and todays biggest entertainers as well as appearing at local events. This Leo's personality is fun and spontaneous, she enjoys photo shoots and experiencing new and challenging aspects in entertainment.

Karen Cox

Hometown: Champagne, IL

VeeJette Sierra Mora

Sierra Mora started modeling at age 16. Her unique features deriving from African-American, Latvian (Eastern European) and El Salvadorian has photographers, industry professionals and well wishers strongly supporting her career. She's walked numerous fashion shows and photo shoots before coming to VJTV to appear in a commercial. Since, Ms. Mora who has a background in acting and creative writing, appears in many television productions hosting and interviewing. This Capricorn says that modeling has taught her self-confidence and you can see that in her projects.  

Sierra Mora

Hometown: Oakland, CA

VeeJette Miko Riye

Miko Riye is a graduate of the University of California at Hayward with a BA in Mass Communications. When she debuted on VJTV, her myspace page was flooded with fans. Ms. Riye works as a promotional model in the bay area representing corporations as; Budweiser, Sprint, Greyhound, Suave, Warner Bros. and Office Depot to name a few. Miko's multi-sports backgound has peaked her interest towards sports entertainment broadcasting. This Gemini loves on-camera duties and producing and writing segments.

Miko Riye

Hometown: Hayward, CA